William Braun
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1) Trios
  - Triolets Volume I
  - Triolets Volume II
  - Kabalevsky Kammermusik

2) Quartets
  - Joy, Joy, Joy (string quartet)
  - Joy, Joy, Joy (violin quartet)

3) Piano and String

  - Clementi: Op 36, No. 1
  - Kuhlau: Op 55, No. 1
  - Clementi: Op 36, No. 3
  - Beethoven: Op 49, No. 2
  - Mozart: K. 439B
  - Haydn: Op 48
Mariposa Music is dedicated to providing young string and piano players with an introduction to the wonderful world of chamber music. These arrangements by Joseph McSpadden and William Braun are written for a variety of instruments: piano, violin, cello, violin quartet, and string quartet.

The pianists are urged to use whichever edition of the pieces their teacher recommends. The string parts are compatible with most editions. For the sake of balance, however, some of the dynamic markings have occassionally been changed. Other editorial markings have deliberately been kept to a minimum so that students will develop their own interpretive skills. Most of the violin parts can be played by any C soprano instrument (flute or oboe). Other C bass instruments such as bassoon can play the cello parts.

The string parts can generally be played in first position. Advanced students may find it musically preferable to play certain passages in higher positions. While the rather easy string parts maintain each composer's style, some of the harmonies are challenging to a player's intonation sensitivity and skill. Also, students are deliberately introduced to certain other problems commonly encountered in ensemble and chamber music.

Mariposa Music hopes that these arrangements will be an enjoyable addition to the wonderful world of chamber music and will bring together students and teachers of diverse instruments in harmonious camaraderie.